Protecting Yourself from Mental Breakdowns :
Understanding the Controlling Factors of the Mind







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Details for the BootCamp

Date : 19th May 2024, Sunday

Time : 11:00AM - 12:30PM

Pricing : INR 500/-

Duration : 90mins

Manas Mitra Kumbhak

 A specialised form of Kumbhak, Manas Mitra Kumbhak is a formula that helps control and give direction to the mind. Learning the secret formula of Manas Mitra Kumbhak allows one to gain a deeper understanding of the mind, leading to reduced stress & anxiety, along with improved logical thinking ability.

What is Kumbhak?

Kumbhak is a practical method to gain control over the pressure ecosystem of the body: the mind. Kumbhak helps empower the organs and the mental aspects of the body, leading to better focus and reduced stress.

Benefits of Kumbhak for Children


Enhanced Attention Span

Regular practice of Kumbhak can help extend children's attention spans, allowing them to sustain focus for longer periods of time.


Heightened Mental Flexibility

Engaging in Kumbhak exercises requires children to adapt their minds, promoting mental & flexibility.

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Improved Stress Regulation

Kumbhak techniques enhance their ability to respond to challenging situations with greater resilience and composure.

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Achieving Mental Calmness

Many children struggle with focus and attention today, with 6/10 kids being diagnosed with ADHD. Kumbhak, which is a formula for controlling the mind, can help children improve their focus and enjoy everyday activities more.

Participants will also be shared the recordings of the BootCamp with an access limit of 48 hours.

Why Should You Join This Bootcamp?

Understanding the formula of Manas Mitra Kumbhak.

Reducing and managing stress.

Empower emotions and mental aspects by understanding the mind.

Learning to deal with anxiety & other mental issues.

Instrumental Credibility of Our Programs

More than 50+ Ayurvedic doctors are working with us and doing research.

More than 20,000 participants, patients, and enthusiasts are associated with us.

 We are working closely with the AYUSH Ministry Govt of India and are in the process of creating a research tie-up.

An unparalleled knowledge window in the form of Swamy Ji cannot be compared. 

Why enroll

Reasons To Enroll

Understanding the formula of Manas Mitra Kumbhak.
Reducing and managing stress.
Empower emotions and mental aspects by understanding the mind.

About the Speaker


-Swamy Ji has created more than 150 patents and trademarks.

-Swamy Ji has created modules to reverse diabetes, BP, Cancer, Thyroid, infertility, etc., which are one of a kind worldwide, and thousands of people have reversed and benefited from the programs.

-The programs have achieved impossible results in Allopathic and modern Western approaches.

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